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 Hi there! I’m a fine art wedding and portrait photographer, living the good life in Los Angeles, California. 

 I believe in living a life you love, which brought me to begin photographing people in the first place. I'm passionate about story telling, and I'm fueled by the connection and love between people. I’ve manifested an obsession with creating images that told stories using both light and emotion, and capturing the things we say without speaking. 

After a few years of vigorously photographing anything and everything out of pure curiosity, I stumbled into the world of wedding photography. I became enamored by the idea of photographing such a special day of someone's life. From that moment on, I set out to take a different approach to wedding photography than I had seen in the past. this was going to be about story telling. about connection. the people you love most and the way they make you feel. 

// When I'm not taking photos, I'm most likely long boarding at the beach, cuddling my big floof of a husky, or exploring the beautiful city of Los Angeles - fueled by travel, witty sarcasm, good conversation, light, emotion, books, nature, and a passionate love affair with all things pizza.

let’s take photos that tell the best stories. 

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Let's Make Some Magic.